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Qatar India YOC Fanqaar
Qatar India YOC Fanqaar
Qatar India YOC Fanqaar

Qatar India Year of Culture

Corporate Concert Corporate Concert

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As part of the “Qatar-India Year of Culture,” numerous events were organized across the country to promote mutual appreciation, understanding, and recognition between the two nations. The ask was to host a corporate concert along with producing the marketing materials, invites to guests, and on-site branding for the event.

Qatar India YOC Fanqaar


Etc organized a corporate gala featuring Sitar maestro Ustad Shujaat Khan along with his orchestra. Full event planning along with artist booking, management and liaising with the government authorities was undertaken.

The musical night was attended by various government officials, dignitaries, and business leaders from both countries as well as several local music enthusiasts. Etc ensured that the event was organized seamlessly, providing a memorable experience for the attendees.


The Qatar India Year of Culture Corporate Concert was a success, thanks to the meticulous planning and execution by etc. The event provided a platform for the attendees to celebrate the cultural exchange between the two nations, promoting mutual appreciation and understanding.