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Qatar India YOC Fanqaar
Qatar India YOC Fanqaar
Qatar India YOC Fanqaar


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In 2019, the ‘Qatar-India Year of Culture’ was celebrated to promote mutual appreciation, understanding, and recognition between the two nations. As a part of this celebration, the ask was to produce and present a collaborative and culturally driven event. Etc., an event management company, planned and executed a 5-day grand event called ‘Fanqaar’ to showcase the cultural amalgamation between India and Qatar.

Qatar India YOC Fanqaar


Fanqaar featured 20+ artists flown down from India who displayed 63 pieces of art, which brought different expressions of art forms on one unified stage appreciated for its surrealism, expressionism, and cubism. A thorough event planning and first-hand coordination with the governmental authorities and artists were undertaken by etc.

Etc. developed everything right from the event collaterals, invites to dignitaries, on-site branding, digital & social content, promo ads, and outdoor comms in order to increase the footfall for the exhibit. The event was a success and received positive feedback from the visitors, artists, and dignitaries.


One of the significant achievements of Fanqaar was that it was featured by the portal of Indian Embassy in Qatar under the ‘Year of Culture 2019’ segment. The event was successful in promoting cultural exchange and mutual understanding between India and Qatar.