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Qatar Life and
Medical Insurance

Establishing a unique brand resonance

Project Brief

Client: Founded in 2011, QLM Life & Medical Insurance Company Q.P.S.C is the largest Life and Medical Insurance provider in Qatar and one of the biggest in the GCC region. Today it has grown to be the leading provider of group life and health services, boasting a global network of over 75,000 service providers spanning 100 countries.

With the changing times and rising competition, QLM recognized the importance of redefining its brand to stay relevant to today's insurance buyers. The company's goal was to establish a unique brand resonance that would appeal to both consumers and corporations.







Qlm insurance design
Qlm insurance design
Qlm insurance design

The Challenge

It’s one thing to build a new brand, completely from scratch. It’s a whole other ballgame to preserve the legacy of an established brand even as a fresh perspective, identity and positioning is crafted. This was our main challenge with QLM: how do we revamp the brand while keeping true to its core.

A subset of this challenge was to figure out a communication strategy that would enable the brand to reach individual consumers and corporate teams with customized


As a legacy brand, it’s important that any brand refresh still keeps identifiable elements of the original identity to help the audience build that connect between the old and new. At the same time, there should be a tangible change that indicates the brand is ready to meet the new challenges of the industry, and the world.


Working on a brand as big and as known as QLM required a mutli-faceted approach.

The first decision was to enhance, not alter, the logo to ensure the brand recognition isn’t adversely affected. The second thing was to divide the whole process in phases - where Phase 1 dealt with refreshing the visual identity of the brand across all touchpoints and marketing collateral.

Phase 2 became about revamping the company’s digital touchpoints for a better customer experience. And the last phase was to focus on marketing communication strategy, especially social media, in a way that would retain the brand’s legacy while helping it reach a wide customer base for its B2C operation

Brand Identity

We created a new brand playbook for QLM that retained the brand’s legacy. We won’t call it a rebirth but definitely something like waking up after a long nap - it was refreshing.

There were two distinct tones and imagery created for QLM’s two different audiences: individual consumers and corporates, while ensuring they were in sync with each other and with the brand's core values.

The color palettes were developed after careful consideration to ensure it invokes the right emotion and builds the required perception for customers and corporations.

The visual imagery and tone of voice for consumers denoted the dynamic nature of life, its organicness and focused on the experience of being human, being alive and being safe; all while keeping true to its Qatari roots as a company.

In balance, when speaking to corporations, QLM projected strength and authority. Exuding the passion to help businesses realize their ambitions by being their partner in good and bad. QLM imbibed the potential of Qatar and promised to help every company achieve it.

Digital Revamp

With the look and feel of QLM now finalized, the second phase of the mission began: to overhaul the brand’s operations and build digital touchpoints that would provide a smooth and delightful user experience to the brand’s customers, in line with the new look.

To that effect, we developed a brand new website, integrating features to bring efficiency in digital operations like sales, customer queries and others. Since mobile phones are THE device on which most users access the internet today, it was important to ensure an optimized experience on mobile phones as well.

Emphasizing on that notion, a mobile app is also being developed that would enable QLM customers to interact with the brand from anywhere. It would also allow the brand to be in touch with their customers in a more efficient manner.

QLM insurance website rebranding
QLM insurance website rebranding
QLM insurance website rebranding

Social Media

After finalizing on how the brand is to look and feel, and with major touchpoints in place to facilitate digital conversations between QLM and its audience, the final phase of the mission was to set up the channels of communication.

While the brand was present on social media networks, it was yet to utilize them to its full potential.

We optimized Facebook and Instagram to reach out to the individual customers where they’re present, building QLM as a warm and friendly brand that they could engage with.
LinkedIn was an effective way to form networks within the insurance industry and outside of it, and establish QLM as the go to insurance solution provider for businesses in Qatar.

All of this equipped a legacy Qatari brand to also ensure relevance for today’s customers, be in sync with the global industry standards and create a unique brand resonance in the market.

QLM insurance website rebranding After
QLM insurance website rebranding Before


By collaborating with etc., QLM successfully established a unique brand resonance that appealed to both consumers and corporates. The rebranding effort positioned QLM as a modern, reliable, and trustworthy insurance provider, while staying true to its legacy. The new communication strategy and material development paved the way for QLM to reach a broader audience and strengthen its position in the insurance industry in 2022 and beyond.