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Our strategic collaboration with IN-Q, the commercial entity under the auspices of Qatar Museums, represents a captivating case study in our expertise as the digital agency on record.

IN-Q entrusted us with the comprehensive social media management of its three flagship F&B properties for 2023 and 2024, spanning the META region and the dynamic landscape of TikTok. Our multifaceted approach encompassed the entire spectrum, from ideation and content creation to seamless publishing and data-driven reporting.

In-q qatar

One standout exemplar of our innovative work is our tailored TikTok strategy designed for Jiwan, an esteemed restaurant nestled within the iconic National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ). Our objective was to position Jiwan as a distinctive presence on TikTok, remaining faithful to its core identity centered on the rich experience it offers and its locally inspired Qatari culinary treasures.

To achieve this, we embarked on a journey characterized by deep brand immersion, where we forged a profound understanding of Jiwan's unique identity and its target audience. Subsequently, we meticulously crafted a content strategy that harmonized with TikTok's best practices and trends, ensuring its alignment with the platform's dynamic ecosystem. Through the creation of high-quality videos that artfully captured Jiwan's distinctive atmosphere, delectable cuisine, and cultural essence, we succeeded in bringing the restaurant's essence to life on TikTok.

In parallel, targeted advertising allowed us to reach the ideal audience. The outcome of our dedicated efforts speaks volumes; Jiwan's TikTok account has witnessed rapid growth, and its videos have garnered millions of views. Jiwan is now celebrated as one of the most popular F&B brands on TikTok in Qatar.

We take immense pride in our ability to empower our clients, enabling them to fulfill their social media aspirations and forge meaningful connections with their target audiences. This case study illustrates our commitment to excellence and the remarkable results we deliver in our journey to amplify our clients' digital footprint.