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FIFA fanzone event
FIFA WC fanzone
FIFA fanzone event

Supreme Committee For Delivery And Legacy

Project Brief

The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy requires an experienced Event Management Company to deliver a full turnkey solution for the creative concept, content, infrastructure, equipment, mobilisation, build, operational delivery and overall management of the two Fan Zones planned for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

The Fan Zones will be an integral and important part of overall FIFA World Cup which will exist to target specific segments of society to ensure that the FWC Qatar 2022 caters for all demographics (focused on workers and labour communities) for the duration of the tournament.

Each Fan Zone will be reflective of the locations culture and heritage, which in turn will create a unique, exciting, and inclusive destination to enjoy the FIFA World Cup celebrations.


International Event





FIFA fanzone event

The Challenge

- Delivering a full-scale experiential event within a short timescale.
- On-ground senior event management at scale in peak event season.
- Logistics and resources are in high demand with high wait times for the largest-ever event in Qatar.


- The overall theme will build on the positioning of Qatar World Cup being able to turn an entire nation into ONE GIANT PLAYGROUND
- Playgrounds bring communities and people together, another pillar that QWC 2022 aims to achieve.
- Playgrounds also incite a sense of nostalgia in most and football is a sport enjoyed in playgrounds & stadiums.
- For each of the industrial fan zones a unique eco-friendly urban playground will be delivered with commitment to sustainable urban infrastructure and materials supporting the environmental pillar of FIFA World Cup 2022.
- The urban design is inspired by each fan zone’s location and synergies with the community around the area.

Concept and Branding

Concept & Design

Working with spatial designers and event planners the thematic we chose was a very industrial look and feel keeping in mind the area and the audience.
Spanning over an area of over 12,000 sq metres our spatial designers and architects created a “Playground for Everyone”.


Our design and production team worked with FIFA and SC branding team to get the branding right on each and every element within the Fanzone from the shade on the scaffold to the F&B menu.

Logistics and Production


Our Project Management team included a team of Administration and Government Relations department which was responsible for all the relevant permits from various government departments which included Ministry of Municipality, Labor, Culture, Interior, Transportation, Public Health, Customs and Civil Defense.

3 Venue Managers, 3 Production Managers, 10 Live Entertainment team, 15 Supervisors, 5 HSE Managers, 240 Guest Management Team, 80 Traffic Marshals, 45 Last Mile Marshals, 5 Security Managers, 2 F&B managers was the on ground team which managed the day to day of the event. Managing 16 hour days and the entire event going through without a single major incident reported.


Transforming the vision of the Design team into a reality was the responsibility of the Production Team, With a very short timeline of 24 days the production team worked in shifts to deliver the entire Fan Zone on time.

Build of Stage
- A/V with the largest outdoor screen for all Fan Zones in the main stadium.
- Build of all the elements for activations, Photo opportunities, seating and F&B kiosks
- CCTV setup across the entire area with over 225 CCTV cameras; IT & Networking across the Fan Zone area to ensure 99.99% connectivity.
- Installation of additional portable toilets to manage the large crowds
- HSE- Pre Production


Apart from the screening of the games Vistas came up with 30 days of programming across both the venues to keep the audiences engaged between games and on days there were no games. Programming was divided into :
- Activations
- Roaming Artists
- Community Artist engagement
- SC Celebrity Ambassadors
- Live entertainment
- MC
- DJ’s